How to be found… on Technorati! :-)

The internet is vast. And it may be difficult to be found on it, if you want. Probably the best way to be found is a high rank on Google. But unless you want to spend a fortune on that, you can start to be known.VGQ8V8WVUV4R
There are several ways to ‘advertise’ your website/weblog, and one of them is Technorati. Although it may not give instantly a number one ranking on Google, you have to keep in mind that Google fancies website that are pointed from somewhere else. This tutorial will show how to register with Technorati.

First… Start-up your favourite browser and point to: and join them!

After filling in some personal stuff, Technorati will send you an email to activate your account. After activation you  have to log-in. Go to your account and finish your profile (if you want). A little bit more downwards you’ll find a line that says: Start a blog claim. That’s where you put your site URL. Like this:

In the next page some of the information that Technorati asked you most will sound familiar, use http:// before an URL. The most strange thing may be that Tachnorati asks for your feed. “Mine feed?!” you wonder? No, not the feed attached to your leg, the feed of your website! Maybe you’ve seen this symbol on your front page: Click on it! And it will show you something like this in the addressbar of your browser: http://<yoursite>/feed It can be different, but it is what you need to put in the box where it says feed url. After completing the form press the button to proceed and continue to the last step!

When I registered my website at Technorati I had some difficulty with the email that I received next. They send you a CLAIM token and now you’re thinking: “OMG! What is this token about? What do I do with it? What IS a token?

Nothing to worry about. They just want you  to mention it in a post and there are two ways to do that:

1.) Put it in a post that’s already there, like this: X8VK9ZQ9DSW2

People may ask them self what that line is about when you’re writing about pony’s. Can you imagine:

Once I had a pony named Sherly. I really had a lot of fun riding her!

Nope. Can’t do that. But you can:

2.) Make your text colour white, thus hidden. Like this:

Once I had a pony named Sherly. I really had a lot of fun riding her!

Technorati does advice though to put it a bit in the beginning of your post. Your can delete it when validation is done.

Surprisingly nobody will notice it in your post. But look in your RSS feed, or select this complete text and you will see it’s there! Just believe me: Technorati is fine with it!

After a few hours, in my case few days, your application is mentioned in your profile:

Check claim

Press Check Claim. Technorati will check for the token they’ve send before. The status changes to:

Evaluation claim

After a while, it can take some time, you will receive a message that your claim is complete and your website will show up in their directory.

When registering another site of mine everything worked flawlessly. Registration was done in a matter of minutes, the only thing that confused me was what to do with the token and where to put it. When looking at the forums @ GetSatisfaction I mentioned the people reporting problems with registration, hence this article.

It seemed that the system was quite slow when registering. Please pay attention and put your claim code in de upper part of your post. You can use the trick described above to hide it from viewing.  Use before an address http://
Good luck. If help is needed please let me know.

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